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Setting a goal for the event ensures that participants enjoy a unique experience

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How do we differentiate your event?

The waiters-bartenders will offer event participants a variety of natural fruits to choose from, which will be served in a biodegradable and reusable glass that complies with ISO regulations and does not generate microplastics. Once the participant chooses their fruit, it will be placed in the jug of the bi-cycler. After closing the lid, the participant will pedal for approximately 30 seconds to blend their own juice. Once the juice is ready, it will be served again in the biodegradable and reusable glass, along with an edible straw of various flavors and gluten-free to enjoy the natural fruit juice.
Every time a participant pedals, the screen will show the kilometers traveled by each bike. These kilometers will be added to the total of all participants until reaching the limit pre-established by the company that contracts the event to make the donation to the NGO or reach the objective designated by the client in order to promote their brand.

We take care of personalizing the screen with the client's logo and the text that you indicate.

A day at the Solidarity Bike

The Solidarity Bike initiative aims to achieve a positive impact not only on sports and nutritional change; but also to help those people who cannot afford to buy food.

How to observe in the video the initiative motivates people to pedal more, to meet objectives for those people who need it. 

Solidarity bicycle will positively impact all those who attend the event and will educate them about nutrition, sports and helping others.

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